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What about the United Methodist Split?


Many of the people of Berwyn UMC have been asking questions about the state of the United Methodist Church, its stance on scripture, grace, human sexuality, and its commitment to Christ. This article has a youtube playlist of videos helping answer the question of Why be United Methodist, Do we take the scripture seriously, Do we take the scripture seriously, and is there a future with hope?There are many different positions and accusations made by those with undoubtedly sincerely held beliefs about those who disagree with them. It's impossible to summarize every topic completely, but the following youtube videos should help. They were recorded by Adam Hamilton, Pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. They were in response to videos made by Rob Renfroe, a leader in the Global Methodist Church. There are some differences between the United Methodist Church and the Global Methodist Church, but the primary cause of division has been the church's stance on human sexuality. Why UMC? {[ youtube id:'62qtzyBVCv8' ]} Love of Scripture {[ youtube id:'us12L0Tsw_c' ]} Human Sexuality {[ youtube id:'YI0Keo9h5E8' ]} Committed to Christ {[ youtube id:'fK7-_cTdawU' ]} A Future of Hope {[ youtube id:'wbNchQ-V4GE' ]} Moving Forward with the UMC {[ youtube id:'hIfuxxowtXI' ]}

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