Small Groups

4 Key Reasons to Join a Small Group:

  1. Discipleship and spiritual growth: Small groups provide a context for intentional growth in your relationship with God and others as members can share their experiences, pray for one another, study the Bible, and hold each other accountable in love.
  2. Community and fellowship: Small groups provide a space for believers to connect with one another on a deeper level than is often possible in larger settings like church services. Members can build meaningful relationships, support one another through difficult times, and celebrate together in times of joy.
  3. Evangelism and outreach: Small group members can invite non-believers to join their group, share their faith in a non-threatening setting, and demonstrate the love of Christ through their relationships with one another.
  4. Accountability and mutual support: Small groups provide a context for mutual accountability and support, as members can hold each other to high standards of Christian living, confess their sins and struggles to one another, and offer support and encouragement in the midst of challenges.

Group Finder

Every Topic Considered(ETC)ETC is a hybrid Sunday school class that meets online and in the library at the church every Sunday morning from 8:30 to 9:30. They cover topics of interest, current events, and social justice through the lens of the Christian perspective. Those who are in the group receive a weekly zoom link to participate. Register for this group, and the group leader will reach out to you.Sunday at 8:30 AM
Lunch and Learn with the PastorLunch and Learn is a small group that discusses the primary passage used for the previous Sunday's sermon. Participants are encouraged to bring their lunch as we eat, read the passage, talk about its implications to Christian living, and pray together.Wednesday at 12:30 PM