After the Resurrection

4/7/2024 - 4/25/2024

In This Series

  1. Living Purposefully Between the Ascension and Pentecost - 04/07/2024

    Ever found yourself caught in the quiet anticipation of what's to come, much like the early disciples awaiting the Holy Spirit? Join us as we traverse the sacred space between the Ascension and Pentecost, unearthing the rich lessons of active waiting and the significance of preparation for the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. In this compelling episode, we bridge the gap between the Gospel of Mark and the Book of Acts, navigating through the transformative journey of the disciples and directly into the vibrant, sometimes challenging, reality of modern-day Christian living. We're not here to dish out end-time prophecies but to invite you into a space of hopeful expectation and purposeful action.Have you ever considered the power of hope and its ability to transform fear into action? That's the cornerstone of our discussion, as we confront the anxieties stirred by apocalyptic predictions and uncover the beauty of living each day in Christ's love. We'll dissect the reasons behind the doomsday clock's persistent ticking in popular culture and redirect our focus towards a life of service, kindness, and prayer. By embodying the lessons of the early church, actively seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance, and living as if each day could be our last, we craft a narrative of hope that resonates in our daily walk with Christ. Tune in, and be inspired to treasure each moment as an opportunity to align with God's will.

  2. The Disciple's First Healing - 04/14/2024

    Join us as we explore the profound acts of the apostles Peter and John in the wake of the Holy Spirit's arrival, witnessing the first miraculous healing performed by Jesus's disciples. We delve into the transformative moment at the temple gate called Beautiful, where a man crippled from birth experiences a life-changing encounter. Through this narrative, we discuss the societal perceptions of disability in ancient times, the profound faith displayed by the disciples, and the ongoing mission of Jesus's ministry as it is carried out by his followers. This poignant story serves as a powerful reminder of the legacy of faith, trust, and the unceasing promise of spiritual rejuvenation.In this heartfelt conversation, we reflect on the enigmatic nature of healing and the complex reasons behind the answering of prayers. Listen in as we examine how, even in the absence of physical miracles, we can offer a different kind of healing to those in pain—be it loneliness, despair, or grief—by embodying the love and teachings of Christ. We also discuss the role of modern medicine, the enduring need for compassion, and how each of us can act as vessels for Jesus's healing power. Whether you're wrestling with doubts or looking to strengthen your faith, this episode is an invitation to share in the life-giving faith that sustains us through trials and tribulations, offering solace to all those in search of hope.

  3. Live as an Example of Love - 04/21/2024