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The Role of Prayer and Doubt in Faith and Knowing God

Posted By Pastor Kevin Rutledge

It is common for individuals to grapple with doubts and questions surrounding their faith and understanding of the Bible. Many feel their prayers are too insignificant to matter to God, or they struggle with expressing their doubts about biblical teachings. However, it's crucial to understand that these doubts and questions are natural and integral to our spiritual journey.Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently been applied to biblical study.  A site was developed to enable you to "interact with biblical characters".  There are two problems with this approach to the bible. The first is that AI learning is only has diverse and comprehensive as the information fed into it.  If the source material is the commentary, sermons, and blog posts, of predominantly white conservative men, then the responses will be shaped by that interpretation of scripture.  The second problem is that biblical study and faith development cannot be reduced to information in answer out.  The growing in faith is never reducible to putting the bible information into a program and getting the one right answer. Therefore, a well-rounded approach to biblical learning should not rely solely on AI but involve individual study, group discussions, and spiritual encounters.At the core of biblical interpretation is wrestling with the scripture. This involves grappling with challenging concepts and navigating the complexities of AI learning about the Bible. Reducing the Bible to an information problem can limit our understanding. Delving into the Bible's heart is crucial, exploring translations, engaging in small group discussions, and encountering God's spirit. Our journey with faith is not about having the correct answers or beliefs but faith in Christ. Like the biblical heroes mentioned in the book of Hebrews, we may all have moments of doubt and questioning. Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all questioned their faith at times, yet they achieved great things by faith.We should feel comfortable asking questions of faith in a safe environment, like the church. Engaging in dialogues about our faith can be a source of comfort and understanding. Through these collective discussions, we can foster growth and deepen our understanding of our faith. Our salvation does not hinge on our beliefs or how we answer questions but rather on our faith in Christ. Regardless of our doubts or questions, we can take comfort in being saved through Christ. Remember, faith involves asking questions, wrestling with the answers, and persistently seeking after God.In conclusion, whether you are grappling with questions about your faith or wrestling with the scripture, remember that you are not alone. Your journey of faith is personal, but it's also one you share with your church community. Don't shy away from asking questions or expressing doubts - they are a part of your faith journey. We can foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of our faith by embracing these questions and engaging in dialogue.

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