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Avoiding Versitis: Preventing a Lego-Like Misinterpretation

Posted By Pastor Kevin Rutledge

In the ever-evolving landscape of faith discussions, revisiting our approach to scripture is essential. The phrase "Love the sinner, hate the sin" has been central to many debates concerning human sexuality. As we reconsider this saying, we begin with the fundamental idea that context matters, drawing a surprising parallel between understanding scripture and building with Lego blocks.The Lego Lesson:My son has a Lego set with 253 pieces. This Lego set can be put together in one of three ways. It can form a parrot, a frog, or a fish. What's fascinating about this Lego set is that the same pieces can be used to create different things, depending on your perspective. The set can only form one of those things, but each is radically different. You have the power to decide which model to build.Legos vs. Bible Verses:How we previously learned to read the Bible can sometimes hinder our understanding of its profound message. We often read the Bible as a collection of verses, like Lego bricks, that can be pulled out and dealt with as if they can stand on their own. The Bibleā€”a compilation of 66 books, 1,189 chapters, and 31,102 verses- is treated like a big box of Legos. We assemble the verses into a picture that we choose and think the worldview and theology built is biblical because all of the parts are from the Bible. Yet, when we focus on individual verses, picking and choosing from various parts of the Bible, we risk forming an image that mirrors our thoughts and beliefs rather than being challenged by the scripture that reflects the image of Jesus.A Collective Journey of Understanding:Our task is not merely to decide what to build with the Lego pieces of scripture. Instead, our responsibility is to work together in reading, interpreting, and applying scripture as a faith community. This collaborative effort ensures that we avoid the trap of picking and choosing Bible verses to fit the image we want to create. It challenges us to focus on the whole message of scripture.Join the Conversation:But understanding scripture is not a solitary endeavor. It's a journey best taken in the company of others who share a passion for exploring the depths of faith and scripture. We invite you to be a part of a faith community that wrestles with scripture, the questions we bring to it, and how we live it out.In our community, we value diversity in thought and interpretation. We understand faith isn't about conformity in how scripture is interpreted and applied but rather a shared exploration of its profound meaning. Join us in this journey of faith and understanding, where questions are welcomed and grace abounds.Conclusion:Breaking out of a Lego-building way of reading scripture and instead understanding the context empowers us to approach the Bible more deeply and accurately. In our faith journey, let us remember that, just as Lego pieces form a cohesive creation, scripture verses combine to convey a unified message. Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts that delve deeper into essential aspects of faith and understanding.

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