It's Graduation Season, But Don't Leave These 5 Things Behind

It's Graduation Season, But Don't Leave These 5 Things Behind

The warm summer sun shines on a field of caps and gowns. Crowds cheer after each name is called. You step to the edge of the stage, waiting for your name to be called. A handshake and diploma are the only things between you and finally being done with school.

For many of us, graduation day happened a long time ago or not at all. Yet we all know the feeling of ending one part of our lives and starting the next. No matter what stage of life we’re in, we’ve got to sort through the commitments we hold, just like we sorted through our clothes and belongings before moving to college or starting a new job.

It seems we are always graduating from one season of life to the next. But no matter how much change we face, there's always something we must hold on to.

5 Things You'll Never Graduate From

1. Loving God

You can never reach the point where you’ve loved God enough. Loving Him is about obeying Him, and it’s directly connected to how we love the people around us (1 John 4:7-12). So when we fail to do what He says, or when we fail to love people, we know there’s room for improvement.

This is why Jesus came to earth: to meet us in the midst of our failures and connect us to God. And the more we know Him, the better we can follow Him.

2. Reading the Bible

The moment you think you don’t need the Bible is the moment you’ll need it most.

Neglecting to read the Bible is like seeing your iPhone ringing from a friend but not answering the call. God wants to talk to us, and the Bible is a primary way He communicates with us. There’s so much useful, life-changing truth in the Bible, and we learn more about Jesus when we read it.

Once you’ve read the entire Bible, read it again, memorize particular verses and help others understand the Bible as well. 

3. Giving

We can never outgive God. God is amazingly generous. Since all our money and resources belong to Him, we can manage them with the same generosity God does. We start by bringing 10 percent of our income back to God, and we give more to Him as an act of trust that He will provide for our needs and beyond what we expect (Philippians 4:19).

4. Needing Other People

You will always need to do life with other people. Friendship with other Christians is essential because God’s made us to connect with other people and with Him (Hebrews 10:23-25).

Other people help you face difficult challenges, gain better perspective, and grow in maturity as you learn to look out for their interests, not just your own. (Find your people and make new friends by joining a Group.)

5. Taking Your Next Step

Never trick yourself by thinking you’ve arrived. If you’re not dead, God’s not done.

We always have a next step in our walk with Jesus. It’s how God helps us grow into the people He’s designed us to be. As we become more like Jesus, we help others know God and grow in their faith (Hebrews 5:12-15). God will give us the direction we need, because He’s looking out for us and wants amazing things for our lives.

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