Member Highlight
John Paylor Esq

Member Highlight - John Paylor Esq

Since 2018, John has served as Treasurer for Berwyn UM Church. As he said, ‘I always had an interest in finance,’ so he asked to serve on the Finance Committee when there was a need for support of the financial work of the congregation. At that time, we began to use a company called Church Shield to manage bookkeeping and accounts payable. John was able and willing to become the main contact with the bookkeeping service to support Barbara Stockler, who has also been a skilled member of the Finance Team and was our main bank contact. (The church banks with Customers Bank, Phoenixville.) The rest is ‘treasurer history.’ 

One of John’s accomplishments was establishing a new, comprehensive, and unified chart of accounts, so that we have as clear as possible a picture of operating, restricted and pass-through accounts. This is second only to his massive effort to successfully manage our application for the CARES ACT loan, which was ultimately forgiven. This allowed the Church and Nursery School to realize about $90,000 in funding that helped us navigate the tough days ofthe pandemic. John’s tireless work with the bank and required paperwork allowed the process to unfold for us smoothly.  

John will be stepping down as Treasurer and from the Leadership Team shortly, and in preparation, new arrangements are being made. But in the meantime, deep thanks are due to John for his faithful, detailed, meticulous, and prayerful service on behalf of the finance ministry of the congregation. 


This post was orignally published in the October 2022 of the Lighted Cross. Please use the links below to view the full newsletter.

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