Nursery School Update for October 2022

Nursery School Update for October 2022

The nursery school is full of happy smiles and children’s laughter once again. We had a few tears from our youngest friends, to begin with, but they soon dried up. It always amazes us how quickly children adapt to their new environments.   

The hallways will soon be full of Halloween decorations, and the children are already discussing their Halloween costumes! We will be having our annual Halloween parade at the end of October. Thank you to the church for the invitation to the BUMC Trunk and Treat on October 22nd. 

We are excited that our youngest friends have an artificial surface to play on now, it can be used in all weathers now. Please take a look at all the happy faces in the ‘First day at BUMNS’ photos on the notice board inside the entrance to the nursery school. 

This post was orignally published in the October 2022 of the Lighted Cross. Please use the links below to view the full newsletter.

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