Proud to Be UMC? A Video Series of What it Means to Be United Methodists.

Proud to Be UMC? A Video Series of What it Means to Be United Methodists.

In this series of videos, Reverend Adam Hamilton, Senior Pastor at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, responds to a collection of videos prepared by Reverend Rob Renfroe, co-founder of the Global Methodist Church. Throughout these videos, Renfroe outlines a PR campaign aimed at persuading United Methodist pastors and local church members to leave the United Methodist Church and join the Global Methodist Church.

Reverend Hamilton provides a comprehensive review and response to the entire series of videos. His commentary covers various aspects, including the portrayal of opposition and positivity within Renfroe's campaign, defining the identity of the United Methodist Church, its mission, and values. He emphasizes the importance of innovation in ministry, underlining that the church must continually adapt and improve to effectively reach 21st-century people.

Throughout his response, Reverend Hamilton expresses his pride in being a United Methodist and encourages others to remain within the denomination, highlighting the church's strengths and values. His commentary offers a comprehensive view of the entire video series, addressing key themes and arguments presented by Reverend Renfroe.

Other Posts in this Series

Why UMC?

Adam Hamilton's Journey and His Commitment to the United Methodist Church Introduction: Adam Hamilton, the senior pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City, shares his personal journey and reasons for staying committed to the United Methodist Church. He responds to... Read More

The Love of Scripture

This is the second video in the Proud To Be UMC video series where Adam Hamilton, the pastor of Church of the Resurrection, responds to challenges to the UMC from Rob Renfroe of Woodlands Methodist Church about why United Methodists should consider leaving the United Methodist... Read More

Human Sexuality

In this series, Adam Hamilton is responding to a series of videos by another pastor, Rob Renfroe, who aims to persuade United Methodists to leave their denomination and join the Global Methodist Church. This video is on the denominations stance of human sexuality. Understanding the... Read More

Committed to Christ

This is the 4th video in the Proud to Be UMC series where Adam Hamilton responds to claims about the United Methodist Church from Rob Renfroe of Woodlands Methodist Church.Rob's Claims In response to Renfroe's claim that there will never again be a bishop elected... Read More

A Future With Hope

The 5th video in the "Proud to Be UMC" series, delivered by Adam Hamilton, addresses the central themes presented by Rob Renfroe, who is actively involved in the creation of the Global Methodist Church (GMC). Renfroe's aim is to persuade United Methodists to leave their... Read More

Moving Forward with the UMC

In this video, Adam Hamilton from Church of the Resurrection, is sharing his understanding of how to move forward with the UMC.   Rob's Aim "His aim was a PR campaign, persuading United Methodist pastors and local church people to leave the United Methodist Church and... Read More

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