Trunk or Treat Was a Hit Again This Year!

Trunk or Treat Was a Hit Again This Year!

Kristine Adams

Once again, Berwyn UMC put on a fantastic family community event. We had a steady stream of families the whole two hours. Pastor Kevin set up a QR code for parents to fill out a form to win a door prize—how many pumpkin candies in the jar? We received about 80 responses—lots of adults and kiddos came to play with us.

This cannot happen without the Trunks:

  • David & Isabel Adams
  • Amy Dodds
  • Brett & Cindy Shallcross
  • Mark DeStefano
  • Rebecca & Pastor Kevin Rutledge
  • Claudia Sharpless
  • Krapf Transportation Company
  • Aliyah Bonsu & her Impact Project “Project Bee Blessed”

I am once again thrilled with the turnout of the community and the unconditional support of this congregation. We are touching many lives with this event. We will continue to strive to be inclusive of all children regardless of age or ability. Save the date for next year: Saturday, October 22, 2023.


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