What makes United Methodists different?

What makes United Methodists different?

United Methodist Communications

This is the video of a podcast recorded by UMC.org and the Rethink Church.  

Hosts Ryan Dunn and Michelle Maldonado, alongside guest Ashley Boggan, take us on a journey to uncover the distinctiveness of the Methodist faith. Initially produced as part of the United Methodist Podcast-a-thon, this episode offers insightful perspectives from Dr. Ashley Boggan, the general secretary of the United Methodist Church's General Commission on Archives and History.

Ever wonder where the name "Methodist" came from? Why is Welch's grape juice often used in United Methodist communion? What's different about how United Methodists interact with the world? Dr. Boggan provides some historical context around what makes the United Methodist unique and peculiar amidst today's many Christian denominations.

In this episode:

(00:00) Compass podcast explores the uniqueness of United Methodism.

(03:03) Early risers study, pray, hold each accountable. Seek mission beyond Oxford, helping the poor. Methodism: faith in action through love.

(08:34) Methodist women pushed boundaries for equality.

(11:22) Personal holiness requires relational connection with others.

(14:09) Wesley valued personal experiences in interpreting scripture.

(21:52) Methodist legacy: evolving church for community service.

(26:34) Welch's juice and the UMC

(30:48) Interactive Methodist resource with podcast and courses.

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