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Worship Location and Times

140 Waterloo Ave
Berwyn, PA 19312-1733

Sundays at 10:00 AM


Worshipping God, Serving Jesus, Loving Others


Striving to be a diverse community of socially conscious believers, affirming our faith in Christ through action.

Common Questions

Have questions about Berwyn? Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

Our worship combines traditional hymns, special music by our talented music director, and dynamic preaching from our pastor. As a result, our order of worship is relatively consistent from week to week.

First, we prepare ourselves for worship by singing the week's song of praise. After that, we participate through a responsive call to worship. Our opening hymn follows this. Next, we recognize that we have not wholly followed God's will through the last week, so we confess our sins with a communal confession. Finally, after receiving words of forgiveness and pardon, we offer one another signs of peace.

We then turn to scripture with an old and new testament reading followed by the sermon. 

After the sermon, we have a time of special music where an invitation to pray at the altar. We then celebrate ministry in the church and offer ourselves and our gifts to God for his work through the church in Berwyn and worldwide.

We then recognize that we are joined together by the Holy Spirit. We are never alone, and we pray for each other giving God thanks for all that He has done, lifting the people and situations that way heavily on our hearts, and asking God to work through us if we can be an answer to someone's prayer.

Finally, we sing a closing hymn and receive a blessing to go into the world to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the best way for children to learn the value of the church is to participate fully in worship.  We have found that children who attend worship with their families pick up on Bible stories, lessons, and profound theological concepts even when it appears they may not be engaged. For children over 5yo, we have activity bags. These bags have crafts, games, coloring sheets, and other materials for children to interact with while attending worship. 

We understand that for our smallest children, it can be beneficial to both child and parent to have a place where children are safely cared for while their parents worship. For children 0-5yo we have a trained staff person running our nursery.  

Our church has a one-way entrance and one-way exit with ample parking behind the church with multiple accessible parking spaces.

If you don't see your question here, we would love to chat with you about your specific request. You can submit a question using our contact form, and we'll be in touch with you as soon as we can!

Our Rich History

Berwyn United Methodist Church boasts a remarkable history that spans over a century, beginning in 1881. Our commitment and devotion to our Lord and community have remained steadfast throughout the years.

In 1881, Reverend Andrew Cather organized a Sunday School in Devon, held in a small frame chapel called the Eagle Methodist Episcopal Church. Unfortunately, a storm demolished this building in 1883. Subsequently, services were relocated to Berwyn Hall in 1884, where the church officially established itself as part of the Salem charge. Thus, 1884 marks the official founding date of our church.

The Methodists acquired a lot extending from Church Avenue (now Main Avenue) to Waterloo Road in Berwyn in 1884. Ground was broken for a new building in 1887, and it was completed and dedicated as the Berwyn M. E. Church in 1888. Over the years, this church underwent several additions and improvements until its eventual sale to the neighboring Trinity Presbyterian Church in 1961. Today, the structure serves as the home of the Footlighters Theater.

In 1956, the congregation purchased the current church property on Waterloo Avenue from the Misses Coates. Construction of an education building, fellowship hall, and a parsonage took place, and these were dedicated in 1958. Subsequently, in 1961, eight new classrooms and a kitchen were added to accommodate the growing community.

The groundbreaking for our new sanctuary took place in 1966, and it was consecrated as Berwyn Methodist Church in 1967. In 1968, our church's name was changed to Berwyn United Methodist Church. As a testament to our continued growth and dedication, a new parsonage was constructed on the church property in 1984.

The Facilities Improvement Project of 2000-2004 was born out of our congregation's recognition of the need for an improved and expanded physical structure. With the support of a $1.5M capital campaign, groundbreaking occurred on March 17, 2002, for a family life center—a versatile auditorium, dining hall, and sports court, complete with a state-of-the-art institutional kitchen. Additionally, the entrance/parlor area was enhanced and expanded, featuring a new library, renovated offices, meeting rooms, and a fine arts/choir room. The project was completed in late 2003, and the new family life center was named Schieck Hall, after the former Fellowship Hall.

Today, as we revel in the accomplishments of our recent building project, we give thanks for God's providence in the life of our church and the wider community. We are grateful for the steadfast leadership and unwavering support of our congregation and pastors throughout the remarkable history of Berwyn United Methodist Church.