Church Mortgage Repayment

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If you would like to contribute to this project through cash or check, write Mortgage Debt Repayment in the memo line or on an envelope containing your gift.

$2,115.00 / $499,987.99

As you may be aware, our congregation currently faces the challenge of a mortgage burdening us with a significant debt of $525,000. This financial obligation is hindering our ability to direct funds towards critical areas of growth and transformation within our ministries.

The Challenge: Unlocking Our Potential

The weight of the mortgage has diverted precious resources away from our core mission – nurturing and expanding our ministries to better serve our community. While we have tirelessly strived to make a difference, a substantial portion of our finances is currently tied up in debt servicing, leaving limited room for investing in new initiatives and sustainable projects.

The Vision: A Debt-Free Tomorrow

Our fundraising endeavor has a clear and powerful vision – to become debt-free as swiftly as possible. By relieving ourselves of this financial burden, we can redirect funds to fuel the transformative work that will drive our church towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Imagine the impact we can create once we no longer have to allocate a substantial portion of our budget to mortgage repayments.

The Roadmap: Your Generous Contribution

The success of this fundraising opportunity lies in the hands of our dedicated congregation, cherished supporters, and the extended community. We invite you all to participate in this collective endeavor, contributing whatever you can towards the goal.

With your unwavering support and dedication, we are confident that we can overcome this challenge and set the stage for a new era of growth and transformation within our church. Together, let's forge a debt-free future, empowering us to make a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals in our community.

Your contributions will not only retire a mortgage; they will open doors to new possibilities, sustainable ministry, and a stronger foundation for generations to come. Let us stand united, as one congregation, and write the next chapter in the remarkable story of our church.