Devotion Strolls: Nurturing Relationships in Nature

Devotion Strolls: Nurturing Relationships in Nature

Experience the beauty of nature while deepening your relationships through 'Devotion Strolls.' Join us on a serene journey where faith and community come together in a tranquil setting.

As we embark on leisurely walks amidst nature's embrace, we engage in heartfelt conversations and reflection on inspiring devotions. The focus is on building a supportive community, fostering meaningful connections, and encouraging one another.

Whether you seek companionship, encouragement, or simply a space to connect with like-minded individuals, 'Devotion Strolls' provide a nurturing environment for personal growth and togetherness.

Take intentional steps toward nurturing relationships and experiencing the transformative power of nature and devotion. Join us for 'Devotion Strolls' and embark on a journey of faith, friendship, and connection."

Kevin Rutledge

Jenkins Arboretum

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