The Unforgiving Servant

Pastor Kevin Rutledge - 2/26/2023 10:00 AM

This week begins our sermon series entitled "The Ways of the Kingdom," and our focus for this first week is on the passage found in Matthew 18:15-35 traditionally known as the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant. In this passage, Jesus teaches about forgiveness and reconciliation in the Kingdom of God. Jesus begins by emphasizing the importance of addressing conflicts within the community of believers. He teaches us that when someone has sinned against us, we should first go and speak to them directly, seeking to resolve the issue. If that doesn't work, we should bring one or two others with us to help in the reconciliation process.


  • Old Testament: Psalm 32
  • New Testament: Matthew 18:15-35

This Week's Reading Plan

Day: Reading:
Monday Teaching on Divorce: Matthew 19:1-12
Tuesday Welcoming Little Children: Matthew 19:13-15
Wednesday A Rich Young Man: Matthew 19:16-22
Thursday Commandments for Life: Exodus 20:12-16
Friday Delight in the Lord’s Law: Psalm 1:1-3
Saturday All Is Possible with God: Matthew 19:23-30
Sunday The Laborers in the Vineyard: Matthew 20:1-16

Reflections and Caring Conversations

Please use the prompts and prayers below to aid you in your devotions for this week.

  • Focus Verse For the Week: Then Peter came to him and said, “Lord, if another member of the church sins against me, how often should I forgive? As many as seven times?” Jesus said to him, “Not seven times, but, I tell you, seventy-seven times.” ~ Matthew 18:21-22

  • Getting Ready for Next Week’s Story: People like it when things are fair. Did you see or experience something that was unfair? What did you do?

  • Pray Together: Dear God, We confess that we have sinned against you and against one another, both by what we have done and by what we have not done. These are the ways that we have sinned against each other: [In this time, you can confess to one another ways that you might have been angry with one another or hurt each other, etc.]. We are sorry, O God. Heal us with your love. Amen.

  • Mealtime Prayer: Be with us at this table, Lord. Grace us with your presence, and humble us as we break bread together. Amen.

  • Thinking about This Week’s Story: Jesus encouraged the disciples to forgive people over and over again. Did you experience forgiveness today? Was it hard to forgive someone who did something wrong to you today? Why?